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Who we are

Who are We

Robo Labs is a blockchains solution company providing Web3 users & developers with both the tools & infrastructure they need to successfully navigate the space. Our team has deep routes in Web3 & DeFi with a proven track record of developing and launching innovative products.

Our History

In July 2021 we launched the DeFi product RoboVault becoming one the first DeFi protocols to successfully operate delta neutral strategies which protected against Impermanent Loss. Since its launch until RoboVault was sunsetted as a product in January 2023 it’s strategies generated over $2M for users.

While developing & operating RoboVault we immediately saw a number of major gaps in the available tools & infrastructure needed to successfully operate a Web3 protocol. As a result considerable resources were devoted to developing custom state of the art off chain tooling & infrastructure to reliably operate the advanced Delta Neutral Strategies utilised by RoboVault.

As a company we saw the majority of the value of our technology not in the DeFi protocol RoboVault but instead in the tooling & infrastructure we had developed that allowed us to operate RoboVault.

Our Vision

We are builiding a suite of tools for Web3 users & developers to access to improve the overall process of both operating & developing within the space.

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