Track Crypto Punk NFT Transfers

Monitor transfers for your favourite NFT project!

In this tutorial we're going to setup an alert to track every crypto punk transfer, but you can do the same for any NFT collection, all you need is the NFT collection contract address.

Step 1: Sign up and Create Alert

If you haven't already, sign up and login to DeNotify. Then click "Add New Alert"

Step 2: Setup the Trigger

Here's the TDLR before we explain the details:

Name: This is just for you to identify the alert in your list of alerts.

Type: See Triggers, select Onchain Event because we want to trigger on every PunkTransfer event.

Network: Crypto Punks are on Etherum

Contract Address: Here we enter the Crypto Punks contract address: 0xb47e3cd837dDF8e4c57F05d70Ab865de6e193BBB for other collections, simply use their address.

Event Name: This is the onchain event we're interested in. In this case we want to know about every PunkTransfer, but you can see there are other interesting events you could setup alerts for. For most other NFT collections you can use the Transfer event, punks are old and don't follow the standard.

Trigger On: This lets you setup a conditional alert, though for this alert we want to receive a notification every time the PunkTransfer event is reported, so we select Always

Step 3: Setup Notification

Here we'll setup a notification to a discord channel. Detail description about the fields can be found here

Webhook URL: See this guide

Display Name: Punk Watcher

Avatar URL: Let's use punk #1:

Message: Here is a detailed description of message formatting in DeNotify. Enter the following:

**Punk #{args_2} on the move!**
**From:** {args_0}
**To:** {args_1}{txHash}

This will yield a message similar to this:

Punk #2381 on the move! from: 0xcbfaa4a122FA2c471741C7ede981C3663F77DB9E to: 0x2bE665ee27096344B8f015b1952D3dFDb4Db4691


You're now going to be very well informed on the movement of punks!

Please submit feedback, bug reports or feature requests here, and share DeNotify with your friends!

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