Arkiver is a custom blockchain indexing tool designed to simplify the process of accessing & analysing blockchain data.

Every product and team is different with varied needs, yet available indexing tools are rigid and prescribed. Arkiver provides users with the flexibility to decide what data is important and makes that data accessible.

Arkiver was designed for developers by developers out of the frustration experienced building DeFi products in an immature industry. Arkiver serves to eliminate many of the pain points experienced by developers with existing indexing tools. Allowing more time to be spent building great products.

Key Feature Summary

Arkiver has the follow key features:

  • Unrestricted Typescript with the ability to import any module

  • A fully mutable solution

  • Extremely simple to implement

  • Upgradable without API downtime

  • Historical and Live indexing

  • Indexing multiple blockchain with one job

  • Access external endpoints to further enrich the data

  • Define secrets to access inside indexing scripts

  • Write block handlers with arbitrary block intervals

  • Designed with the developer experience as a priority.

  • Test Arkive jobs locally, rather than “testing in prod”, as is often the approach

  • All indexed data is accessible either directly from a database (mongo or postgres), or via a fully featured GraphQL API with a hosted GraphQL playground.

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